You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Turkey

Saturday/Sunday, April 10 – 11, 2021

Camp Blanton • Harlan, Kentucky

  • Cash Prizes

  • Door Prizes

  • Lunch: Burgers, Hotdogs, & BBQ

  • Sunday Service Bow Blessing

  • Sunday Pancake Breakfast

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310 FPS Maximum Speed • No target bows or target setups.

The Real World Bowhunters Organization (R.B.O.) was established in April 2020 by everyday bowhunters who wanted a vitals type ring and scoring system. This vitals system will be designed to emulate a real hunting situation and making shot placement crucial. The R.B.O. has also incorporated new hunter class standards at our 3D events and these new classes were altered to accommodate hunters and the bow set-ups we all use every trip to the field. In the near future, we will offer newsletters with upcoming event dates and newsworthy articles in this ever-changing industry, also articles from the experts. 1 year after our inception we will be holding our first tournament sponsored by HCLRA (Harlan County Long Range Archery) at Camp Blanton in April 2021. We will be looking for feedback from all patrons to help move our organization forward.

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Wes Gordley, Founder
(513) 532-7880