RealWorld Bowhunters Organization (R.B.O.) Rules and Regulations
1. R.B.O. event year
2. Age and class determination
3. Entry fees, prizes and purses

Scoring and Targets
1.Scoring area and size
2. Target description

Equipment regulations
1. Bows allowed
2. Draw weight arrow speed
3. Sights and Stabilizers

Rules and Etiquette for shooters
1. Rules and Etiquette for shooters
2. Scoring

R.B.O. Rules and Regulations

1A. The R.B.O. tournament year starts every April with the “You Ain`t Nuthin But A Turkey” tournament

2A. A participants’ age before tournament year starts will shoot in that class for that tournament year.

2B. If you choose to shoot in a particular class for R.B.O. recognition and awards you must shoot in that class for the entire tournament season.

2C. A shooter must compete in at least 2/3 of the tournaments to receive R.B.O. recognition and awards.

3A. Entry fees amounts will be determined by R.B.O. at its tournaments.

3B. Entry fee amounts for R.B.O. events at host clubs will be determined by the host club.

3C. If a shooter wants to qualify for R.B.O. yearly awards the shooter must be an R.B.O. member.

Scoring and Targets

1A. All R.B.O. sanctioned events, targets will be 3D style targets with R.B.O. vitals scoring rings.

1B. Host clubs may use any 3D style target as long as it has the R.B.O. vitals scoring rings.

1C. Targets will be at Unknown distances between 17 and 55 yds.

1D. Targets must be positioned so all vitals are seen clearly with no obstructions.

2. At all R.B.O. sanctioned events, targets shall have scoring areas as required:

2A. The Heart ring will score as “10” points.

2B. The lung ring will score as “9” points.

2C. The liver ring will score as “8” points.

2D. The vital area around heart, lungs, and liver rings shall score as 5 points.

2E. The remainder of target will score as “1” point.

2F. Missing the target will score as “0” points.

3A. Some targets may have additional material that is not a part of the animal, these areas will be scored as “0” points same as a miss.

Equipment regulations

Bow Regulations

1A. NO TARGET BOWS: The R.B.O. was created exclusively for the hunting community.

(R.B.O. makes final decision on bows) Manufacturer’s specs on target and hunting bows will be used for this guideline.

1B. Stabilizers may be no longer than 12” from the front of the riser.

(If you have quick disconnect, we will ask you to remove it to keep level playing field)

1C. Your bow may not exceed 310 ft. Per sec. (NO EXEPTIONS)

Sight regulations

1A. A fixed pin sight may not have any (mobile) pins

1B. Fixed pin: Once the tournament starts an archer may not make any adjustments to the sight.

1C. There is a 5-pin maximum on fixed pin class, no pin set past 50 yds.

2A. The use of lenses, clarifier or verifier peeps will only be allowed if you are 50yrs of age or older.

3A. The use of laser sights and range finding bow sights are not permitted at our events.

4A. There will be a strict arrow size of (6.5mm) in diameter.

Shooters Rules and Regulations

1A. Shooting group size will be 4-5 shooters and shall be “Busted Groups”, by at least having one shooter from “outsider”.

1B. Two shooters from each group shall keep score, one being an “outsider” and both scorekeepers shall agree on scores at end of match.

1C. Groups shall agree on shooting rotation and maintain order throughout match.

1D. Shooters shall shoot from stake set for his/her class.

1E. Shooter must stay on backside of stake while shooting.

1F. No shooter shall approach target until all shooters have finished.

2A. Each shooter will have 2 min to complete his/her shot.

2B. Time will start when 1st archer steps to stake, next shooters time will begin when 1st archer completes his shot.

Sent 2C. Shooter should clear line as quickly as possible so next shooter may have his/her allotted time.

2D. Shooter may not use binoculars at line after his/her shot.

2E. If a shooter drops arrow out of bow, “group” shall determine if shooter gets another attempt.

2F. Discussing yardage between group shall not be permitted until all shooters have completed his/her shot.

2G. Shooter should hide sight from “group” as not to allow other shooters to gain advantage.

2H. No shooter may use any umbrella or shading during his/her shot.

2I. No shooter shall use shooting sticks or prop bow up during his/her shot. All shots are freehand style.


1A. All RBO sanctioned events every archer shall have 2 scorecards. Scorecards must have all archer’s info completed before scorecards can be turned in.

1B. Scorecards will be kept by 2 separate archers; 1 scorecard shall be kept by a “busted” group member.

1C. Scores must be agreed on by both scorekeepers before arrows are pulled from target.

1D. No arrow shall be pulled from target before score has been determined by both scorekeepers. If arrow is pulled before scorekeepers agree on score the archers arrow who was pulled will receive “0” points for that target.

1E. If wrong score is marked, error will be circled and correct score recorded. All archers in group must agree on score and both scorekeepers will initial scorecard.

1F. RBO will provide personal scorecards so personal results can be recorded. RBO recommends archer complete personal scorecard but is not necessary.

1G. Scorecards will be turned in when group completes course. All archers in group must be present when scorecards are turned in. All archers must initial scorecard before turning in scorecard.


2A. 10 points for a “HEART” shot. 9 points for a “LUNG” shot. 8 points for “LIVER” shot. 5 points in “VITALS” ring. 1 point for anywhere outside “VITALS” ring. 0 points if archer misses target.

2B. Arrows touching scoring ring will be given higher score.

2C. Only the shaft of the arrow can be used for scoring.

2D. Arrows must stick in target to be scored.

2E. If an arrow passes through or bounces off target all archers must agree on score or agree archer may reshoot before arrows are scored or pulled.

2F. If archer Robin Hoods another archers arrow the 2nd archer will be given the score of the first archer.

2G. No archer shall fire arrow at anything other than the target. Violators will be disqualified from tournament and be asked to leave premises. NO EXCEPTIONS


1A. If an archer has an equipment failure, he/she may contact a range official to gain permission to leave course and fix issue. If archer is able to correct issue, the archer may then rejoin group at the groups present target. After the group completes the course the archer that missed targets will be escorted by official to complete targets, he/she missed due to time away from course.

1B. Archers keeping score shall initial boxes that do not get completed by archer with equipment failure.

1C. A group may not have less than 3 archers including “busted” archer. If group only has two archers that group must join group that follows. Tournament officials must be contacted if a group has to be restructured.


1A. If two or more archers have identical scores the host club will declare a shoot off.

1B. Archers who shoot off will shoot 1 arrow at unknown distance, the archer with the arrow closest to center of heart will be declared winner. If determination cannot be made the archers will shoot again until winner is declared.


1A. Any person in violation of the rules shall be disqualified from the event they are participating in and may have R.B.O. membership suspended or cancelled. No warnings are necessary to disqualify, suspend or terminate membership.

1B. R.B.O. has the right to re-evaluate disqualified, suspended or terminated individuals for reinstatement.

1C. Event officials are to be respected and have authority to disqualify individuals for any reason due to rule violation or other.


1A. If individual has been disciplined, he or she can make request to R.B.O. to be reinstated.

1B. A disqualified individual may present request for reinstatement after 30-day inactive period from date of offense or violation.


1A. All protests will be decided day of protest. We will not allow protest to hold up or stop event or winnings or prizes due to protest.

1B. All decisions made about protests will be final no exceptions.


1A. All awards and purses will be paid out day of event.

2A. Individuals who receive cash will be given (CHECK) at award ceremony and receive winnings in private.